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Mental Health Therapist

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Job Type

Full Time


In Person

About the Role

Provide individual and group psychotherapy as needed.

● Maintain appropriate documentation as required.

● Conduct assessments of clients at the time of admission and re-assessments as required.

● Provide appropriate diagnoses and treatment recommendations based on a review of the client’s history and symptoms.

● Ability to demonstrate respect for cultural and lifestyle diversities of clients and staff.

● Crisis intervention

● Participation in Case Conference Reviews and Utilization Reviews as required.

● Knowledge of current legal standards pertaining to professional practice, reporting requirements, professional boundaries, and related issues.


  • Master's degree in Psychology or related field

  • A valid therapy license in the state of Nevada

  • At least 2 years of experience providing counceling services to individuals or groups

About the Company

Miracle Minds Therapy is a nonprofit organization that provides free and low cost therapy services to Nevada residence. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of mental health services by breaking down barriers to care.

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